Calendar – CLANS' DAYS 2022

Calendar– CLANS DAYS 2022

Sunday 30 January 2022

Scottish Clans New Year Lunch

11.15 am Clans’ Days – Jezus-Eik (Organization Clans’ Days- Clan Hay - Babeth Donnet)

Saturday 5 February 2022

BURNS NIGHT - Golf Sept Fontaines-Braine l’Alleud – Eigenbrakel (Organization Clans' Days - Clan MacKinnon- Marc Frère)

Tuesday 05 April 2022

TARTANS DAYS - Golf Anderlecht (Organization Clans' Days - Clan MacKinnon - Marc Frère)

Saturday 23 Avril 2022

SCOTTISH LADIES NIGHT – Club Royal des Officiers du Regiment des Guides -Brussels (Organization Clans' Days - Clan Ramsay - Christian Jamin)

Sunday 05 June 2022


10.00Hrs. Visit caves and basement of Citadelle Namur.

12.00Hrs.Clans' Days Barbecue - Ile d'Yvoir- Yvoir (Organization Clans' Days - Clan Hay - Jean-Paul Hay)

Weekend 15-16-17- July 2022

FÊTES FRANCO - ECOSSAISES - Aubigny sur Nère (Organization Town Aubigny sur Nère)

(Clans' Days- each clan own tent)

Weekend 28- 29-30-31 July 2022

HIGHLAND GAMES DUNOON (SCOTLAND) – Clans over the world coming Home (Organization Clan Lamont –Scotland) –Organization in finalization

Weekend 5-6-7 August 2022

CLAN HAY GATHERING - ABOYNE – DELGATIE – CRUDEN BAY – Other Clans of Clans’ Days continent & Scotland welcome

(Organization Clan Hay Scotland) – Organization in Finalization.

Saturday 27 August 2022

HOMAGE TO A BRAVE Waterloo - (Organization Clans' Days - Clan Hay - Tom Hye/ Christian Jamin)

Weekend 09-10-11 September 2022

SCHOTS WEEKEND - Alden Biesen (Organization Clans' Days - Clan Mackinnon - Marc Frère)

CELTIC DAYS – Thy le Chateau ( Organization Clans’ Days – Clan Hay- Tom Hye)

Saturday 01 October 2022


12.00am Clans Days – Menin Gate Ypres-Belgium. (Organization Clans’ Days- Tom Hye)

13.00pm . Scottish Clans Pub ‘Les Halles’ – Grote Markt –Ypres – Clans Lunch

16.00pm special homage to a member of Clan -Clan MACLEOD-(Organization Clans Days - Tom Hye)

Saturday 29 October 2022

BALL OF THE CLANS - Ceilidh Dancing Evening- with The Hoggis.

Golf Sept Fontaines- Braine l’Alleud-Eigenbrakel -(Organization Clans’ Days- Clan MacKinnon - Marc Frère)

Sunday 6 November 2022

Clan Hay family day organized by Dorothée & Babeth

Invitation will follow

Saturday 12 November 2022

18.30hrs. CLANS FAMILY NIGHT- Eghezée (Organization: Clans Days-Clan Ramsay - Christian Jamin)

Saturday 26 November 2022

19.00Hrs. ST.ANDREWS - Antwerp - (Organization: Clan Hay Pipe Band)

Happy New year!

Dorothée-Babeth & Jean-Paul & Tom


Note: These activities are agreed with the different organizing Clans (Clan MacLaren Clan MacLean Clan MacKinnon Clan Ramsay Clan Hay Clan MacLeod Clan Sutherland Clan MacKenzie Clan MacGregor Clan Lamont Clan Cameron) This list is not limitative.

This calendar is not definitive.