Clan Hay Pipe Band

The Clan Hay Pipe Band was founded after a meeting between Tom Hye and Philippe Vervoort.

Tom Hye during his genealogical research, came across the fact that he had Scottish blood and after further investigation it turned out that the family Hye was related to the Scottish Clan Hay.

To cut a long story short, Tom Hye was accepted as a full member of the Clan Hay. This led him to write a "clan song" for the Clan Gathering in 2005. The Clan Hay had no song at that time.

To enhance the authenticity, Tom Hye wanted to be accompanied also by "real" Scottish bagpipes and finally got in touch with Philippe Vervoort.

Philippe Vervoort accepted the challenge and together with some friends recorded the CD 'From a Hay to Delgatie Castle'.

« Pipe Major » Philippe Vervoort

As Philippe had for a long time dreamt his own pipe-band, and as the friendship between Tom Hye and Philippe Vervoort grew, Philippe had the idea of creating the Clan Hay Pipe Band.

Tom Hye requested permission from Sir Merlin Hay-Earl of Erroll, Lord High Constable of Scotland, and Chief of the Clan Hay, to create the Clan Hay Pipe Band. Permission was given on the condition that the Band respected the ancestral rules of the Scottish Clans.

In 2005 the "Clan Hay Pipe Band" started with just two men. But soon (and much faster than we had ever hoped), the Band grew …

Philippe Vervoort was Pipe Major, and the school of bagpipes and drums grew.

It was decided to choose "Full Dress", the Scottish military uniform, because of the appearance, whilst acknowledging that this would be quite costly. However, we found that it is worthwhile, because our audience enjoy the benefits of not only the music, but also aesthetic beauty of our Pipe Band’s smart turn-out.

From 2006 we play every year at the Menin Gate in Ypres at the Homage to a Hay — an annual ceremony in memory of the Scottish Clan members who were lost in action in the two World Wars.

In the summer of 2009, we participated in "The Gathering" in Edinburgh, in the context of "Scottish Homecoming”. The idea was that the Worldwide Scottish Diaspora would return to their roots.

It was a mass meeting to which all Clans participated. We, the Clan Hay Pipe Band, were allowed to participate and to play on Edinburgh Castle’s Esplanade, an unforgettable experience.

In 2014. We were invited to play at ceremonies 700 years of the Battle of Bannockburn Stirling / UK. Also a huge demonstration reconstructing of the Battle of Robert the Bruce and the Scottish Clans against England. The HAY Clan Chief, was the right arm of Robert Bruce and received the hereditary title of LORD HIGH CONSTABLE OF SCOTLAND. As the current Chief, Sir Merlin HAY always wears.

Tom Hye was appointed in 2005 Convenor of Clan HAY for Continental Europe, which means that it is the president of the Hay clan in Europe. End 2016, Tom Hye has been appointed as Representative of the Earl of Erroll-Lord High Constable of Scotland.

Philippe Vervoort was named in 2009 at the Gathering in Edinburgh "Personal Piper of Clan Hay Chief."

Whoever plays in the Hay Clan Pipe Band is automatically a member of Clan Hay.

A second CD was produced by Clan Hay Pipe Band 'STAND UP SCOTLAND'. Radio producers around the world, from Australia to Canada via the United Kingdom, use the music of the Clan Hay Pipe Band to their programmes.

In 2017 we were honoured by being invited to open the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle on press night on August 3th 2017

We were also very proud to be invited by St Andrew’s Society of New York , U.S.A. as honorary guests, together with the Clan Hay, at the Tartan Day Parade Day on April 7th. 2018. We were proud to be the lead Pipe Band in th of Tartan Day Parade down 6th Avenue.